Online Portfolio & Web Presence

As artist and designers, part of your ongoing  professional practice is to develop your online identity. This will be a key tool for presenting your digital portfolio work (Website) to prospective employers.

There are many routes to achieving this, some situated in existing discipline specific platforms (hubs) and others allowing bespoke website construction and curation. Remember, only include your best work, be selective and get peer feedback.


Here is an example of an undergraduate I know who created her own portfolio website (including a software tutorial page) and is now working at Sony London as an Environment Artist, Karen Stanley:

student portfolio website KS

Also, visiting lecturer freelance Game Artist Matthew Beakes website is an interesting example and is worth viewing for additional presentation ideas. Format and range of content.

MB portfolio website


A sample of serious industry focused online Portfolio Platforms:

Art Station


CG Society

11 - CGSociety logo 2



Some online website building tools to create your own unique site:








Also, if you are building your own website (for an online portfolio or a game site), you will want to buy your own web Domain name (URL web address i.e. buy a .com). Many online vendors are out there, check a range to compare prices and deals (check cost beyond year 1).

GoDaddy (also has a web page builder)


123 Reg