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CGA Incubator Studio

The CGA Incubator Studio is a new initiative to promote emergent indie game developers who are pre-revenue start ups at UCA Farnham. 

The UCA enterprise project is based a stone’s throw away from Guildford (UK). The Incubator offers CGA graduate developers a year to take selected game prototypes to market.

The studio also has its own YouTube channel tracking the highlights of their iterative development process and progress throughout the year, until the game’s release to market.

NEW PROJECTS for 2017-18

The round of graduate Incubator pitch presentations, have been shortlisted and undertaken. The new incubatees have been selected to develop their game prototype IP to market in the CGA Incubator Studio at UCA Farnham. 

The projects for 2017-18 are:


80 Shooter game prototype

Unity FPS game dev prototype made by George Burchmore, Ben Matthews, Reece Stansbury.

Ghostly Apparitions

A Unity HTC Vive VR game prototype made by Lorcan McGarry-Hunt.

Birdmask Studio

Birdmask Studio aka Lorcan McGarry-Hunt.

Guns Goats n Glory

Guns Goats n Glory, formerly the Rat a Tat Tat Game Jam Unity game prototype made by John Howard, Alex Hall, Michael Kirby. Bigger Better Bolder and with more Goats!

2016-17 Projects

Casual App Game: Coin Quest

Coin Quest: Are you ready for an adventure?

Coin Quest is a brand new, fiendishly challenging game of skill from Team Twist that will take you on an epic journey across different landscapes. Fling coins at targets to earn points and complete quests!

Launched to Google Play App Store: 9th June 2017. Download the free App game today =]

Team Twist Site:

CGA Incubator Studio

PC Game: When Atlas Falters

A randomly generated dungeon crawler by Team Twist.
Take control of either the Plague Doctor, Grave Digger or Deep Sea Diver and vanquish the vengeful Greek gods plaguing London.

In development to Early Access in 2017. Download the free Alpha demo from our site!


Team Twist Site:

CGA Incubator Studio

Coin Quest: coin design, app game launch spring 2017

ZBrush - Modelling A High Poly Character

Mobile Game: Cat Tap

A fun fast whack-a-mole tablet game where the player takes on the role of as a mischievous cat at the dinner table!

Launched to Google Play App Store: 7th June 2017. Download for free and play today =]

For more information:


CGA Incubator Studio


Space Cat Speed Paint

Basics of using Live2D Part 1